Monday, January 31, 2011

Lots of new stuff, well sorta!

I just noticed I have some other BT utilities I've created sitting on my server.  With the recent CBT forum crash, and the lack of anywhere to find these links, I'll post them here.

BattleTech Engineer, v1.0.2 (most recent) - This is, for now, just an infantry platoon builder, other units will come as soon as I get to it :)

CBT Cartographer (most recent) - This is a stellar mapping, jump route plotting, planet data sorta application.  It isn't totally done, but is pretty useful.  I don't remember all the shortcuts, so next update I'll add some documentation or a help screen.  Try E, Shift-E, Escape, Shift-J, numpad 2/4/6/8/+/-/0, CTRL-P, U, C, J, N, P, CTRL-F.

Here is a heavy metal pro export of all the data files, and my attempt quite a while back to dynamically determine battleforce stats

I went through and created the most complex battleforce sheets I could, as the templates we were given in some cases do not have enough room to fit some units!  Here they are.

Here are some bitmaps of the inner sphere, labeled star maps without any paths or anything, they are dynamically created but a bit out of date.

Here is a quick campaign map I made for our local gaming group, but nobody liked it :(  The thought process was to use this as a strategic map, each square is a mapboard, and having terrain and random terrain actually make sense in it.

I have contemplated unit designers for a while now, and it really is a daunting task.  There are SOOO many special rules, and when it comes to a computer there is a serious lack answers when it comes to construction.  To write an app you have to take into account EVERYTHING, and the writers often don't.  For example this application shows just how freaking hard it can be to design a mech with *all* the rules.  Its completely unfunctional, I was trying to work on an interface and eventually gave up.  It'll end up being dynamic whenever I do create one (so uglier, but easier to handle).  I'll do mechs last, as they are the hardest to build and Solaris Skunk Works is doing ok for now.

And for those of you who have read this far, something NEW!  It isn't totally done, but this random unit generator will make units according to the rules in SO around page 330.  Right now it just shows the mech/unit weight, but I'll integrate a random unit table later, as well as some overall unit stats.  Here it is.  I'll post something on the CBT forums about it later.

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