Saturday, January 22, 2011

Latest Developments

Just an update to let ya'll know I am doing *something*, even if not productive ;)

I spent about 2 of the last few weeks working on a star system generator.  It is very close to being done, but still need quite a few tweaks to make it fit better within the BTU.  I also need to figure out some orbital mechanics algorithms to determine things like transient jump points.  If your very familiar with orbital mechanics and would like to help shoot me an email, I could use it! forums were hacked, apparently it takes them *days* to get them back up.  As an IT professional working at to me *days* are just difficult to understand when it comes to downtime!  If all the passwords were hacked, to me the best solution is just reset all the passwords, send emails to all registered users, and restore from the latest backups, but I have this feeling, based on the text, that the forums may be wiped clean.  If they did that, there would be a LOT of pissed off users, including myself.

There was a minor issue in the infantry platoon builder, the heat suit enabled XCT cold when it should have been hot.  It is an easy fix if you open the infantry platoon text file in excel and update it.  I have updated the source code but haven't pushed out any changes.  I kind of wonder how many people really use the stuff I write sometimes, as surely I should have lots of bug reports :(

I worked on the combat vehicle designer as well, which progressed a bit but it still has a long way to go (long way being 1-2 dedicated weeks).

I've spent a lot of other time recently playing WOW again, last night I got my first character to level 80!  Its a paladin of course, and my next highest character is a death knight (since they start at 55) at 60, though I never play him anymore... my next highest character is in the upper 20s, and hasn't been played since the few months after WOW was initially released.  I'm not a guild/raid/social fanatic, I solo 90% of the time, dungeons the rest, but it is still pretty neat, and has some great scenery.  Flying is the only reason I'm back in the game, and surely once I hit 85 I'll never play it again.  I can't justify buying cataclysm as I don't want to pay $40 for an addon with a game that charges $15/month.

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