Thursday, April 19, 2012

BTE's Master Unit List

Ok, I think I'm done with BT, at least for a while (until IO comes out maybe).  I was reading FM3085, and I have 2 *serious* issues with the BTU:

#1.  They won't reduce the populations, and thus FASAnomics completely breaks the universe (and IO for that matter).  I know humans can easily be in the trillions, but western nations now are starting to drop down into very low growth rates, some western nations even dropping.  Its very possible that when everybody has enough food, shelter, medicine, and the things they need, our entire planet will reach an equilibrium.  Populations should be .1% to 1% of what they are published at.

#2.  Their QA sucks ass.  They just released FIFTY pages of errata for Tactical Operations.  FIFTY!!!  Not sure about ya'll, but I'd be fired (or get an F) if 12% of anything I produced was in error.  Granted, a page or so are new things, which is always nice, but sheesh, thats pathetic.

Oh, and battlecorps sucks horribly, I was dumb enough to pay $60 right before they banned me, and there is ZERO content over there.  I guess you get a 5% discount, but they don't release $300 in 6 months so that really isn't a selling point.  Anyway, in case you were wondering, its crap.

Ok, now on to the goodies. 

This is a VERY VERY early, quick (about an hour or two) MUL of mine.  I have no images (yet, but they are on my hard drives), no links to equipment, no links to the canon MUL, and the formatting is, well, non-existent.  BUT, it is there now. Just go to and enter in something your looking for, then click on one to see all the information I have about it, including any issues that were encountered during data entry.

I *think* I have done enough to prevent any sql injection attacks, but honestly if somebody breaks in and formats the server its no biggie, if they wipe the database I can recreate it in 5 minutes through scripts I wrote, so no worries.

It might be slow depending on how many people are hitting it, my back end server speed is decent but I do have like a dozen VM's running on it.  Also, its on a crappy 2mbps or 3mbps upstream time warner cable modem so that is a bottleneck.

Anyway, take a look, let me know if it works for you (I have a style sheet, so it should be ok looking, but I didn't test with every browser, and they are all considerably different).  If you get errors let me know.  

I'll try to get the MUL links, images, and hotlinks for the equipment (which brings up a detailed page for equipment info) done before I back off BT for awhile.

Oh, and Randall never wrote me back when I asked about publishing this, so if they can't be bothered to tell me so it'll be hard for them to justify a C&D after the fact.  I have lawyers too ;)

Oh, and some of the codes may be cryptic, so if you don't know what something is post a comment and I'll fill you in.

Oh, and unrelated, I have about 20 pages now typed up for my "The Interstellar Wars" game, which will be a board game, with optional detail levels increasing the complexity up until the point you pretty much need a computer to play.  And when its done, I'll start on the coding for it ;)

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