Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MUL Comming Along!

Just a little updated on the MUL....

Now 72% completed.

Saving Warships, Jumpships, Space Stations, Dropships, Mobile Structures, and Support Vehicles until last due to their complexity.

Also started working on the design document for the full blown succession wars style game I'm doing.  However, I'm writing it up as a rules set, so if you want to make your own counters you could fight out any sized battle, even entire succession wars, in your own living room (assuming ample space of course), or just use the rules to fight a small region.  These rules will be the core of the rules in the game I'm doing, though eventually I'll be able to scale down to individual elements in the computer conversion, while the rules only really go down to company level (and not very detailed companies) at the lowest.

I also spent quite a bit of time looking for BT models, and the papercraft ones look to be low poly, have decent textures, but still no animations and they are in some PDO format I'm not sure if I can reverse back into something like the directx model format.  Regardless I still need the animations to be motivated to do a 3D game, without them its just too boring ;)

Once the MUL is complete I'll create a system to allow people to individually validate entries, without giving global access to everything for everybody.  This way hopefully people can check my work, though I do plan on having a design system verify the designs as well.

Got my hardcopy of FM3085 and RS:Prototypes today, kinda sucks that I already looked them over as PDFs :(.  But the FM3085 maps really pop out, full screen color, they look great.

Its funny how officially, RATs are pretty much worthless and inaccurate, yet somehow, in FM3085 there are 36 pages of them, and new rules for using them based on equipment levels and stuff.  If these things are just for "pickup games", why so much detail???  Really seems there is something up there, and I'm pretty sure, even though officially they are crap, I'll be using various RATs for randomly generating units in the computer games as they look pretty good to me.  Besides, only an idiot would want 50 different designs in his regiment, the logistics would quickly decimate the unit before any contact, a dozen different designs is even pushing it in some situations IMO. 

Anyway, working hard, more to come soon.

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