Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interstellar Wars

While this started as  BT project, if you've read my blog you know it'll end up being more generic.  I haven't updated all the rules to mirror that decision yet.  Anyway, here is a quick list of all the rules I was working on in a strategic interstellar warfare game.  I'll have to add in universe creation rules, but those are pretty easy, but this will allow you setup a map, move units that are quite similar to jumpships and warships around, fight battles on planets, and it should feel a lot like BT, but I'll remove all the similar stuff I can and create a new universe that has nothing in common with BT.  I'm thinking populations start balancing and even dropping once everybody has everything they need to thrive (we are seeing this today in western nations), then we go off to planets, so at most a planet has a 100K pop or so, most being in the tens of thousands.  This should still allow smaller units to have a significant impact.  Anyway, quick outline below, more to come once I finish up the rules.... I'll need people to read it over and help edit the formatting and flow as it may be a bit confusing to some.

Turn Sequence
World Statistics
 Resource Value
 System Icons
Transport Track & Unit Movement, Abstracted
Transport Track & Unit Movement, Detailed
 Abstracted Rules
 Special Events
 Creating New Units
Unit Types
 Interstellar Ships
 System Ships
 Special Units
Special Events
Commandering Civilian Ships
Clan Bidding
Clan Honor
Special Unit Capabilities
Scorched Earth
Intelligence Operations
 Tactical Intelligence
 Strategic Intelligence
 Political Intelligence
 Generic Leaders
 Specific Leaders
 Personal Armies
 Unit Loyalty
 Leader Creation, Retirement, and Death
Corporate Forces (Mercenaries)
 Recruiting Stations
 Random Creation
Interstellar Communications
 FTL Communications
 Communication Firewalls
 Selling and Buying Information
Small Unit Actions
 Heroic Units
 Small unit combat
Mass Destruction
 Level 5 Complexes
 Level 4 Facilities
 Level 3 Defenses
 Level 2 Fortifications
 Level 1 Entrenching
Advanced Technology
 Transformable Mecha
 Generic Troops
 Advanced Jump Systems
 Server Cores
Advanced Interstellar Operations
 Zenith and Nadir Points
 Non-Standard Points
 Transient Points
 La-Grange Points
 Deep Space Interceptions

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