Friday, April 20, 2012


Sorry if anybody has had an error on the BTE the last day or two, I've been editing it a lot.  Though I don't think anybody else has looked at it, and I may just be talking to myself :)

Anyway, lots of updates on it.  It has images for just about everything now, links to the canon battletech master unit list, and lots of other changes.  Go take a looksie:  At this point the only thing I don't have (aside from visual appeal) the canon version has is the BF2 stats and force maker thing.  I'll probably never have the force maker thing, I don't see a need, and the BF2 stats I'm planning on programatically generating to get rid of the massive amounts of errors in the canon version.

Oh, if anybody has a better name than "battletech master unit list" let me know, 2 master unit list's are 1 too many, perhaps BTE for battletech encyclopedia?  I dunno, let me know what you think.

And also, if anybody is interested in a succession wars style interstellar game and would like to help me clarify and finalize some rules please email me or leave a comment.  I've got quite a bit done on the written rules, and I want to get it finished up soon so I can start working on some generic counters, and perhaps a "battletech module".


  1. I like Battletech Encyclopedia for sure. Thats what it is!

  2. That's the name I'm sticking with. I do need to add the fluff data to the units... I have a lot of the mechs already, and could probably get it into the app in an hour, but the data is all from heavy metal files I downloaded from and I haven't confirmed it yet. I'll leave the original text about who inputted the stuff in there, and hopefully nobody minds :)