Monday, April 23, 2012

Well I'm done with the Master Unit List for a while, I searched IIS logs and found people looked up like 3 mechs with it in the last week.  Soooo, if nobody else is using it (for now anyway, it isn't like I'm advertising anywhere else) I'm going to stop working on it until people do start using it.  I'll keep it updated with new products (notice the HTP Luzerne mechs are in there).  You can view my history of changes by just going to the master unit list at (if this link doesn't work for you, shoot me an email at bad_syntax@ and I'll see what's up, there should be no reason it doesn't work).

If people start using this, I can import the factions, format the text so its easier to read (and much more TRO like), and basically make it at *least* as useful as the battletech master unit list.  I can also pretty easily go through and update all the images, add multiple images per unit (something the canon battletech master unit list doesn't currently support), add a record sheet download (that is updated as the data is updated, so its always up to date), perhaps add some tracking so you can use it to track your units on a phone or tablet/ipad, and lots of other new features.

Oh, and battle armor is pretty much done, a few minor bugs (years, turrets with empty slots, and BF data), but all the designs, when the page is loaded, get validated according to the tech manual rules.  Granted, there is a LOT of things in the various total warfare books that needs fixing, and some stuff I have repeatedly added to errata forums that has *still* not been added (like the battle armor automatic grenade launcher, no ammo/weight stats).

If you have any requests on it let me know, I can probably make them.  But like I said, as of now, it doesn't look like anybody is visiting, and since I've stopped "advertising" on various forums nobody comes here anymore anyway.  My banning and lack of advertising may be bad for the future of things I've been working on.

And though these rules are NOT finished, not by a long shot, and just about every word and table and order will have to be redone, here is a VERY VERY VERY early version of my Succession Wars style game, I'm calling "The Interstellar Wars".  Essentially it'll be kind of an "open source" wargame.  The rules should work fine for counters and maps, but all the detailed ones will be implemented into a computer game.  You'll be able to make your own maps, units, factories, etc, etc (to make it identical to BT), but I won't call it BT or have any BT content in it.  It isn't BT that I love, its the high level universe that was created around it (lots of war, 5 major factions, 1 big high tech faction, high tech faction falls, everybody fights for a long time, technology lost, etc) so that is what I'm trying to model with it.  Here is a download link to the 120k word docx file.  Please give me any feedback, but know that much of it will still be rewritten.


  1. I am looking at the MUL. I enjoy your QS MUL very much and have used it over the weeks to do some fighting. I am working on creating some counters for some Interstellar Wars. And I like what I have read so far in the .doc. Keep up the good work!

  2. Glad you like it! That was a "hey, I could make that" sorta idea I put together real quick, and ended up blowing about a week on it. It ended up pretty decent though. I'll probably updated it as soon as I finish the code to do BF conversions of my own data, as its far more complete, and then I'll stop using the official master unit list all together (not like their faction data is anywhere near useful at this point, and that is all they have I don't).

    If your working on counters that'd be great. I need to dive back into that doc and do a lot more updates, just been focused on creating mech record sheets the last week or so... well that and running for congress :)